Savvas Fellahidis, child of a rural family and founder of the winery, first got involved in viticulture back in 1990, when he cultivated organic vineyards to produce high quality wine.

Thus, he created an experimental vineyard of 3 decares, where he planted 8 different wine grape varieties.

In 1993, after 3 years of research and evaluation, he concluded that 4 wine grape varieties were just right for organic farming. He reached this conclusion taking into account the region’s climate and soil conditions as well as their resilience to diseases in the absence of chemical intervention.
During the same year he founded the winery and extended the vineyards by 15 decares.

In 1997 the winery’s first bottle enters the market under the brand name “Fellahidis Vineyard”. A limited number of Chardonnay wine bottles is made available. Devoted to his work and personally involved in the vineyards, he constantly researches the organic cultures, strives for innovation and seeks to improve the taste of the produced wine.

In 2010 he stops organic farming, but maintains the organic mentality, as he does not overload the vineyards with chemical interventions.

In 2011 he passes the torch of the winery to his daughter, Eleni Fellahidis, who maintains close contact with the vineyards and the wine making process since her childhood. Up until today they travel together through the magic path of winemaking by combining tradition with innovation.

FELLAHIDIS Family Winery in Kavala promises to initiate you into the world of fine, tasty and prime wine!
For those who seek something special, different, rare…