Discover the vineyard’s secrets
in your glass

In our company we believe in the principle that nature provides mechanisms to combat crop diseases. Therefore, we prioritised natural fertilisers and traditional cultivation methods, avoiding any kind of chemical intervention. Driven by research, following the experience of traditional viticulturists and guided by biologists, we developed the vineyard based on tradition, namely according to the practices applied in the beginning of the previous century. We prioritised natural quality over production increase achieved by chemical and technical means. The yield per decare ranges from 500 to 700 kg.

As we do not strain the land, nor do we use chemicals, rare herbs, wildflowers and living organisms with antiseptic qualities have been preserved in the vineyard and protect it against diseases.

The winery owns 25 decares of vineyards containing the varieties chardonnay, cabernet sauvignon, malagouzia, moscato bianco and mavroudi.

A tour in our vineyards would be ideal to convince you about nature’s magic and its offer, which is so imprudently destroyed by the human with no respect.